Dep. Sapporo 1 Day Tour

  • Let's go and see your favorite animals!

    Asahiyama Zoo・Furano 1DAY Picnic Tour

    28th Apr.2018 - 3rd Nov.2018

    Adult 6,500JPY Child 4,900JPY


  • The most popular tour of all, Yes!

    Biei & Furano Tasty & Scenic 1Day Tour

    16th Jun.2018 - 26th Aug.2018

    Adult 7,800JPY Child 6,800JPY


  • Beautiful color of the sea and seafood!

    Gourmet Seafood & Great View in Shakotan Blue Coast Tour

    1st Jul.2018 - 29th Aug.2018

    Adult 9,800JPY Child 8,800JPY


  • The last minute tour before you go back!

    Buy-Bye Sapporo・Otaru&Chitose Tour

    29th Apr.2018 - 15th Oct.2018

    Adult 5,800JPY Child 4,800JPY


  • Sightseeing at Beautiful Lake Shikotsu!

    Sapporo ⇒ Lake Shikotsu・New Chitose Airport Trip

    28th Apr.2018 - 13th Oct.2018

    Adult 2,800JPY Child 1,800JPY


Hokkaido Around Trip Lake Toya, Noboribetsu

  • Outdoor activities and sightseeing? Yes!

    Sapporo・New Chitose Airport ⇒ Noboribetsu・Lake Toya Trip

    28th Apr.2018 - 13th Oct.2018

    Adult 6,300JPY~ Child 5,300JPY~


  • Sightseeing in Lake Toya and Otaru? Yes!

    Noboribetsu・Lake Toya ⇒ Sapporo Trip

    29th Apr.2018 - 14th Oct.2018

    Adult 7,800JPY~ Child 6,800JPY~


Hokkaido Around Trip Furano, Tokachigawa

  • Try this Yubari melon buffet, yummy!!

    Sapporo・New Chitose Airport ⇒ Furano Trip

    15th Jun.2018 - 29th Aug.2018

    Adult 11,800JPY~ Child 10,300JPY~


  • Sightseeing in Furano and Asahiyama Zoo!

    Furano ⇒ Asahiyama Zoo・Sapporo Trip

    16th Jun.2018 - 30th Aug.2018

    Adult 8,800JPY Child 7,800JPY


  • You can also get on the bus from Furano!

    Sapporo・Furano ⇒ Tokachigawa Trip

    16th Jun.2018 - 30th Aug.2018

    Adult 7,800JPY~ Child 6,800JPY~


  • Check this amazing beautiful garden!

    Tokachigawa ⇒ New Chitose Airport・Sapporo Trip

    17th Jun.2018 - 31st Aug.2018

    Adult 7,800JPY~ Child 6,800JPY~


Dep.Tomamu 1 Day Tour

  • Yes, you can go to Asahiyama Zoo!

    Tomamu ⇒ Asahiyama Zoo & Furano 1Day Tour

    2nd Jun.2018 - 13th Oct.2018

    Adult 4,500JPY~ Child 3,500JPY~


Sapporo, New Chitose Airport ⇔ Tomamu

  • Transfer? New Chitose Airport and Tomamu

    Sapporo・New Chitose Airport ⇔ Tomamu

    1st Jun.2018 - 14th Oct.2018

    Adult 3,800JPY~ Child 2,800JPY~