Sapporo City Sightseeing and
Choose a Gorgeous Dinner!
Traditional culture show “GOTCHA” Watching bus tour

Sapporo City Sightseeing Spots

■Hokkaido Jingu, Mt.Okura,■
・Sacred power place “Hokkaido Jingu(Shinto shrine)” One of popular place in Hokkaido. There is a benefit for prosperous business, economic fortune, game luck, love luck and matchmaking.
・Mt.Okura Ski Jump Hill Sapporo Winter Olympic Games in 1972’ , the 90 meter jump competition was held and has hosted many other competitions. In the Winter Sports Museum, pictures and memorabilia from 1972 Winter Olympic Games are on display.
The jump simulator is the most popular attraction. People can feel the excitement of being a ski jumper.
・Sightseeing from the window Symbol of Sapporo Clock tower and the former Hokkaido government office built in 1888.

Hokkaido Jingu・MT.Okura

【Do Do Do Dosanko Marche 179 Meal Menu】
・Appetizer・Salmon and Scabbard fish smoked salad・Grilled raclette cheese oven(Cheese made in Hanabatake Farm)・Chicken Herb Fritter・Do Do Do Ramen salad・Deep fried Shellfishes such as Tsubu(Tsubu is from Shiretoko Peninsula)・Braised lamb(Nayoro city originated)・Black buckwheat noodle ・All you can drink included.

Do Do Do Dosanko Marche 179

Gorgeous choice Dinner included!

・You can choose from two restaurants “Hokkaido Buffet Dining KAI” or “Do Do Do Dosanko Marche 179” .(Can be choose when booking a tour)

【Hokkaido Buffet Dining KAI Meal Menu】
・Shabu Shabu the hot pot・Various crabs・Sushi・Tempura etc
Buffet style and all you can drink included(Non-alcohol beverage only)

Hokkaido Buffet Dining KAI

The main feature is Traditional culture show “GOTCHA”.

■Traditional culture entertainment show■
Distribution of Japanese Traditional culture show. “GOTCHA” meaning that mix together. You can enjoy Japanese tradition and Hokkaido culture at this show.
Ainu dance, Yosakoi Soran dance, Japanese drum, shamisen, shakuhachi (Bamboo flute), kimono, Ninja, samurai, karate, etc. are different collaboration show each time. It’ s a new entertainment at Sapporo night!!

Sapporo City Sightseeing and Choose a Gorgeous Dinner ! Traditional culture show “GOTCHA” Watching bus tour

  • Operation date : 3rd Nov.2017 ・ 10th Nov.2017
  • Tour fare : Adult 9,500JPY Child 8,700JPY
  • Minimum number of passengers : 10 people
  • The number of admitted : 40 people

[Adult] 12 years old and over.  [Child] 3 years old - 11 years old.
[Infant] Under 3 years old. *free of charge/ No seat.

  • *We will decide whether to operate until 9 days in advance.
  • *We will close the reception as soon as it becomes capacity.
  • *Please select dinner venue when booking.
  • *The staff will guide you from the dinner venue to BFH HALL.
  • *Payment method will Paypal to after the decide to operation.
  • *Without tour conductor and Bus conductor.

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  • Century Royal Hotel(Dep/14:45)
  • Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel(Dep/15:00)
  • Sapporo Excel Hotel Tokyu(Dep/15:10)
  • Hokkaido Jingu(Free Time/15:25~16:00)
  • Mt.Okura(Free Time/16:15~16:50)
  • Sightseeing from the window of Sapporo(Symbol of Sapporo Clock tower and the former Hokkaido government office built in 1888.)
  • Meal(Dinner/17:50~19:50)
    ■Hokkaido Buffet Dining KAI
     Do Do Do Dosanko Marche 179
  • BFH HALL(GOTCHA/20:00~21:40)
  • Break up there(21:40)
  • Bus
  • Walk

○=Dep. ◎=Arr. ●=Tour,Visit etc.

Information & Notes

  • *The fee includes GOTCHA entrance fee and dinner but doesn't include any other fees.
  • *The fee doesn't include the accommodation fee. Please arrange by yourself. 
  • *Depending on road/weather conditions, a tour might be changed or delayed.
  • *All Pictures are images.
  • *Smoking is not allowed on the bus.
  • *Please make sure to fasten your seatbelt.
  • *Please refrain from talking on the phone on the bus.
  • *Please be considerate and try not to disturb others.

Meeting Time

  • *Please come to the meeting point (each meeting place hotel 1F lobby) 10 minutes before departure time.
  • *The bus won’ t wait for passengers who haven’ t arrived before the departure time. We treat those passengers as non-participants without any notice.
  • *The bus will not make stops at places where there is no reservation(several areas).

Operating bus company


Standard Contract (General Terms and Conditions)

We make each travel contract with a traveler by every tour code or service No. Even if the traveler applies for some tours (service No.) at the same time, the contract would not be formed between the time when the first tour has ended and the time when the second tour starts (This applies to service No. as well). Please note that we will compensate damages the traveler has suffered on this contract base.


  • From 7 to 2 days prior to travel departure・・・30%
  • The day before travel departure・・・・・・・・40%
  • The departure date (Before beginning trip)・・・50%
  • After the tour has commenced・・・・・・・・・100%

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